The Wonders of Graceland

We arrived at Graceland Wednesday night and were greeted by Michael Mutie, the school’s most gracious principal. We are staying in the guest house, which is truly beautiful and had the chance to finally meet the girls at the morning parade, which includes marching, prayers and the raising of the Kenyan flag.  Following a guided tour of the gorgeous and expansive campus, we sat in on a literature class, history, as well as Swahili, which naturally we did not understand, but still thoroughly enjoyed.  The girls are extremely bright, hard-working and all smiles.  In fact, everyone here is.

Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my tripod bag, I have had to make do with my monopod.  We watched the girls’ tennis lessons this morning and met by a cow on the court. It was a pleasant surprise!


Joshua, our young and jovial cook and caretaker has fed us well and took us, along with Francis our driver, to the local town of Chaka where we took in the outdoor  marketplace, which sold everything from men’s pants to live donkeys.  Unfortunately, not many people would allow me to take their picture, but the children were very excited by the camera, and I look forward to sharing the pleasures of photography with the girls here, which was made possible by all of your generous donations and support.

We have limited access to the internet, but will do our best to keep updating you on our adventures.

Kwaheri (goodbye in Swahili — we are learning)!

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  1. Susie says:

    Can’t wait to hear more! I hope your tripod has arrived, and am so excited for you and the girls!

  2. Amy Silverman says:

    So, how much does a live donkey go for at the market????

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