Monthly Archives: January 2013

Graceland Girls Receives California Film Award

I am excited to share that Graceland Girls received the Diamond Award via the California Film Awards on January 26 in San Diego. Congrats to the next generation of female leadership in Kenya. Keep up the good work, your stories are making an impact! The California Film Awards recognizes and celebrates important world cinema that represents the forefront of aesthetic, critical and entertainment standards in contemporary independent filmmaking and screenwriting. The California Film Awards honors new and cutting-edge American and foreign independent films in [...]

Graceland Girls To Screen at Peace on Earth Film Festival

I am very pleased to announce that Graceland Girls has been accepted into the 2013 Peace on Earth Film Festival, March 7 – 10 in Chicago! Peace On Earth Film Festival (POEFF) is a not-for-profit festival established to celebrate and encourage the work of independent filmmakers from around the world on the themes of peace, nonviolence, social justice and eco-balance. POEFF aims to contribute to a culture of peace through international cinema, dialogue and programming highlighting individuals on the vanguard of [...]

Judge Me Only by the Content of My Character

Today is Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday honoring the influential American civil rights leader who tirelessly campaigned for racial equality. While listening today to King’s most notable public address, his “I Have a Dream” speech, I couldn’t help but think of all of the various forms of discrimination that still take place.  Discrimination based on skin color is still rampant in many parts of the country.  The repression of women and the denial of their basic human rights [...]

Women’s Freedom Center to Screen Graceland Girls at Festival

I was contacted by the Women’s Freedom Center in Vermont to include Graceland Girls in their annual Women’s Film Festival, featuring 24 films by and about women.  I am honored to be a part of this powerful event. The Women’s Freedom Center is a local organization in Windham County, Vermont working to end domestic and sexual violence. They are a feminist organization committed to offering support and advocacy to survivors of violence, as well as prevention and educational activities to [...]