Boston Kids Film Festival: “We Are Lucky to Go to School”

We had a great discussion following the screening of The Making of Malala and Graceland Girls on Saturday at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square, MA.  It was really great to share the girls’ stories with middle and high schoolers and to hear their reaction to the plight of their counterparts in other parts of the world.

Some of my favorite responses were:

“We take our education for granted, but we are actually very lucky to go to school.”

When I asked the crowd how the statement “At the age of 12 a girl is supposed to marry” made them feel, a young girl answered: “Gross.”  When I asked her how old she is, she answered “12.”

Hearing their reactions and their excitement to get involved was inspiring and with the recent requests I have received for screenings at middle and high schools, I have realized I need to move forward with developing a film discussion guide, tips for creating empowerment groups like Girls Learn International and perhaps a fundraising toolkit to help maximize awareness of the issues presented in the film, and to give viewers an easy way to act.  More to come!