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Kwaheri Kenya

[slideshow] Zipporah & Catherine We were invited to visit the home of Zipporah, a Form 4 (senior) and her younger sister Catherine, a Form 3 (junior) from Graceland Girls School.  Their family lived in nearby Maragima on a stretch of rented farmland.  Zipporah’s parents and grandmother greeted us kindly and treated us to a chicken dinner and tea.  It was incredible to see how the family made-do without the basic amenities that most find necessary for everyday living, such as electricity [...]

Maragima, Swahili, the Constitution and Thoughts of Home

We were invited out to the Maragima Primary School less than a kilometer from Graceland, where some of Graceland’s finest students once studied, including Zipporah and Catherine whom we have been following during our stay.  The school itself was in disrepair and desperately in need of basic renovations, such as cement on the floor in the classrooms and a fix to their leaking water tank where students gleefully filled their drinking containers throughout the morning.  Three students shared one book.  [...]

Teaching Photography & Other Adventures

  We found internet access as we see the sites and buy supplies for the girls in nearby Nyeri, so I wanted to post again while I can.  Someone once said that you can’t visit Africa without leaving a changed person.  There has never been a more true statment.  Kenya is not only beautiful, but it reminds you through its peaceful spirit what it really important. Yesterday morning, we visited a local school supported by a Christian group call Kids [...]

The Wonders of Graceland

We arrived at Graceland Wednesday night and were greeted by Michael Mutie, the school’s most gracious principal. We are staying in the guest house, which is truly beautiful and had the chance to finally meet the girls at the morning parade, which includes marching, prayers and the raising of the Kenyan flag.  Following a guided tour of the gorgeous and expansive campus, we sat in on a literature class, history, as well as Swahili, which naturally we did not understand, [...]