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We found internet access as we see the sites and buy supplies for the girls in nearby Nyeri, so I wanted to post again while I can.  Someone once said that you can’t visit Africa without leaving a changed person.  There has never been a more true statment.  Kenya is not only beautiful, but it reminds you through its peaceful spirit what it really important.

Yesterday morning, we visited a local school supported by a Christian group call Kids Alive.  Most of the children there are orphans, many of which were abandoned by their parents at a very young age and have never received schooling.  The school was run by those who have dedicated their lives to others in offering these kids not only an education, but a real sense of home.

I have had the opportunity to teach the girls and have held several photography classes at the school.  I have seen some real creativity from their photos and am pleased to see their genuine passion photography (so much so that they burn the batteries out within 24 hours!).   My colleagues Marcie and Tony have taught as well and the girls swarm around us at times with questions about how we are liking Kenya, life in the United States, and how my video camera works.

The girls listen intently to the student preacher at Fellowship

Last night we attended Fellowship where the girls sang, testified and thanked God not only for their lives, their health and their families, but for their education.  We very much enjoyed being a part of it.

On Saturday evenings, the girls have entertainment and Marcie and I heard American pop music from the guest house and wandered down to see.  We ended up joining them in dancing to both Kenyan and American music.  They taught us dance steps and we let them use our cameras to take pictures and video.  The girls screamed with each new music video, as if the Beatles had arrived in the 1960s in the U.S.  It was a great way for us to bond with the girls and blow off a little steam.

I picked up my tripod bag today, after much debate around its whereabouts (it was nestled snuggly in the back room the whole time).  I am thrilled!  Onward.

More to come.  Until then, Kwaheri!

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