Our Journey Begins: Kenya Bound

Jambo! We leave today for Nairobi and I have packed my cameras, hard drives, memory cards, batteries and other equipment as carefully as possible.

This past Sunday, we attended a BBQ at Robert & Kate’s, two former residents of Kenya and big supporters of the Graceland school.  While there, we had the privilege of meeting Dr. Tom Kariuki who came to Washington for a meeting and is a member of the board at Graceland.  We learned a lot more about Graceland’s core missions: to give back to the community, as well as level the social and economic playing field by bringing together “bright and needy” girls from varying backgrounds and ethnicities.  As the term draws to a close, there is a lot of pressure to excel on exams in order to qualify for university, which has limited enrollment.  It will be interesting to see how the girls respond to the daily pressures and demands of their education and what is in store for them upon graduation.  Ultimately, we learned from our conversations with Robert and Tom that there is much more to learn.  And so, our adventure beings…

Dr. Tom Kariuki and Robert Grant

Dr. Tom Kariuki and Kate Bowditch

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  1. c.e. courtney says:

    Bon Voyage…! May many blessings and all good fortune travel with y’all…

  2. Mary Ann Buechel says:

    Our prayers and good wishes go with you as you journey, sweet woman.

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