It’s Official, We’re Going to Kenya

We have been invited to visit Graceland, a private boarding school for underprivileged teen girls in the Nyeri District, Central Province in Kenya.  While there, I plan to document the experience using a combination of HD video and digital photographs to help illustrate the beauty of empowered Kenyan girlhood as it intersects with education, in an effort to underscore the need for a greater investment in the education of girls in developing countries.  I will be offering the girls digital cameras and providing them with specific assignments, so they might share real and personal insight into how they view their own changing world.  In addition, my team will follow a young Graceland girl as she prepares for graduation and her impending trip home to her local community.

There is a lot of exciting stuff happening as preparations come together, so please stay tuned for more information, story updates and ways you can get involved.



Jordan Salvatoriello
Documentary Filmmaker & Photographer
MFA in Media Art Candidate, Emerson College

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