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We appreciate your interest in Graceland Girls and welcome your help in spreading the word about the project and the need for educational opportunities for girls in developing countries.  We feel the arts can be a powerful vehicle for self-expression and can allow for a deeper understanding of, and connection with, the world around us.

Since Graceland Girls is a non-commissioned, personal labor of love, our team is seeking distribution funds and/or in-kind donations of any size in order to:

1) Distribute the film to raise awareness of the issue and make a real impact,
2) Create a Discussion Guide & Fundraising Toolkit for local screenings, including schools, and
3) Raise $6,000 tuition to send a local middle school girl four years of high school at Graceland.

(To donate funds, please scroll down and click the “Donate” button below.)


Jordan and the Graceland Girls team
Producer, Director of Graceland Girls


A special thank you to those who have already shown their support,
you have our sincerest gratitude:

Emerson College
Graceland School
Nderitu Wachira, Graceland
Dr. Tom Kariuki
Michael Mutie, Principal of Graceland
“One Child at a Time” Club, Brookline High School
Robert Grant, Brookline High School
Marcie Simon, Brookline High School
YGLI Enterprises
Nicholas J. Salvatoriello, Hubspot
Fred and Mary Ann Salvatoriello
Rick and Jennifer Salvatoriello
Matt and Sarah Salvatoriello
Brian Dye
Kai-Jae Wang
C.E. Courtney
Marc Fields
Kathryn Ramey
Sandra Luzzi Sneesby
Shelley and Lewis Barr
William and Renee Aird
Brendan Miller
Faith Musembi
Nellie Triedman
Lara Grant McGurk
Georgie Bishop
Kathie and Paul Dizik
Alison and Joydeep Basu
Karen and AJ Miller
Adam Wolfsdorf, The Energy Music LLC
Jenny Connelly
Lauren Stakutis
Orla Kane
Fawn OSher
Erin Kelly & Braden Armstrong
Laurie Wenham
Cori Green
Alexa Stone
Kate Leslie
Susie Levine
Malcolm & Lori Cawthorne
Sheri Kuhn
Lisa Batchelder
Lacie & Michael Milton
Marcia Nguyen & Keith Mailloux
Jeremy Starr
Paula Machado
Christine Bullard
Melissa Mullen
Kevin Mahoney & Della Dufresne
Kim Katz
Jennifer Rosen
Liana Lane
Amy Silverman, MD
Tony Orlandi
Marcella Logue
Tammy & Steve Dye
Tom & Kay Crouse 

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