We Have Arrived

Methodist Guest House in Nairobi

We arrived safely in Nairobi last night (around 9 p.m. local time), after jet-setting into the night, day and then night again in a matter of hours, making our way through Heathrow and then southeast to Kenya.  On the plane we sat next to an Englishman who works for an organization called the Halo Trust that focuses on removing the hazardous debris of war, in particular de-mining, and a group from Be the Change to eradicate child poverty.  It was pleasing to be surrounded by so much good will.

Once in Nairobi, the roads are much safer and less congested at night and we made it to our hotel, the Methodist Guest House, in time to sleep off our jet lag, cocooned by a canopy of mosquito netting.  After exploring some of the city today (I am staying at the hotel to watch our bags and equipment), we will make our way to Graceland using public transportation and then travel the rest of the way by car.

Marcie, my colleague and friend is all smiles on the plane

My tripod bag has still not arrived and I am unsure about how we will retrieve it once we arrive in rural Nyeri, but the airline assures me it will make its way to me eventually.  Until then, I will use my monopod and hope for the best.  After months of planning, we were still pinching ourselves over breakfast in a haze of jet lag and disbelief that we have finally arrived.  We are really looking forward to meeting the girls and getting settled at Graceland later this afternoon.

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  1. Mary Ann Buechel says:

    I love your commentary. You write so well. You make the trip come alive. Best wishes & love.

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