Two Maragima Girls Begin School at Graceland Today!

Following our Nov. 16th Fund Raiser event to send a girl from Maragima Primary School to Graceland Girls Secondary (High) School, we raised close to $8,000, far exceeding our goal!  The girls sat for their Primary school exam and we recently learned that two girls scored the necessary points to qualify to attend Secondary (High) School.  It is important to note that in Kenya, the new constitution does require the government to fund students education from kindergarten through grade 8 (and even this is not yet enforced in remote areas), however they are not required to help with funds for High School.  That’s where sponsors come in, offering to support the girls with the most potential for success.

My friend and colleague Marcie Simon today announced that, due to the success of our fund raising efforts, we will be sending TWO Maragima girls to Graceland School to receive a proper high school education, as well as a chance at college, a career and a bright future.  Very exciting!

Here is the note from Marcie:

“We are arranging to send payment within the next week to cover the first year for both girls, a total of $3000.00 so far. Pictures will be coming soon!

 Have a wonderful day knowing that two girls have been given an opportunity of a lifetime because of you!”

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