Letters From Our Sponsored Girls at Graceland (formally Maragima girls)

We received two heartfelt letters from the girls we are sponsoring at the Graceland School, Flishia and Caroline.  They express their sincere gratitude for this opportunity to get an education, a privilege they would not otherwise enjoy.  It is a joy to know that they are aware of who their sponsors are and important to us that we keep in touch, and provide them with ongoing encouragement and support.

Here are some excerpts from their letters:
“I want to thank you for the things you have done for me and that you are doing. I am very pleased and happy to be in school.  Really, you made me realise my dreams and goals…I promise to work hard and never let you down.
…May the lord who showers blessings shower to you and your family.  He is going to wide up your plans and your lifespan…
Here in school I am enjoying cool breeze from the river and the environment is very clean.  There is fresh air and Columbus monkey near our school.  The teachers are very active and they help us.
…Goodbye and have an enjoyable life and time when you are working.”
- Caroline
“Here at Graceland I am doing well trying to do my best and be the person I dream of in future.  I am also working hard and smart also to secure my grades and improving them also.”
- Flishia

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